Your iTunes will sync to your BlackBerry!

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iTunes sync to BlackBerry

There are many people, both iOS users and not, who do not know that their iTunes library will sync with their BlackBerry.  If you are purchasing any BlackBerry smartphone, whether it is the latest Z10 or Q10 device or you prefer an OS 6 or 7 device such as the Bold 9900, Curve 9360 etc, iTunes will sync with it.  This is a relief to iPhone or iPod users who are looking at buying a BlackBerry but are afraid of losing their iTunes music library.

First of all, to install and then sync to your new BlackBerry OS 7 and below you will need BlackBerry Desktop Manager.  This should automatically be triggered to download when you first hook up your new BlackBerry to your PC or Mac.  If you prefer to download and explore beforehand, you can download it from for either PC or Mac.  Also see .  (It notes in the fine print that “BlackBerry Media Sync is compatible with 32-bit editions of Windows® XP Service Pack 2 AND 64 and 32-bit e editions of Windows Vista™ which requires iTunes version 7.7.1 or higher. Not compatible Windows 2000. Mac OS 10.4 and 10.5 require iTunes version 7.7.1 or higher. All applicable charges will still apply for the purchase of music from iTunes.”)

Sync to your BlackBerry from a Mac

iTunes sync works for all BlackBerry devices, including the PlayBook

If you have an OS 10 device (Z10 or Q10 at this point), you will need BlackBerry Link instead at and these are the instructions on transferring your files from an iPhone to a BlackBerry 10 device:  When setting up, you will get a choice to either sync with iTunes or Windows Media Player.  Choose iTunes, assuming that is your preference.

Choose iTunes to sync your iTunes media to your BlackBerry 10 device

After initial setup, (Windows)  iTunes can be synced by just right clicking on the Music icon when the My Computer tab is checked.  Then choose ‘sync’ to transfer files to the Z10.   There also were some songs I was not interested in having on my playlist any more so I was glad to be able to get rid of them.  🙂

There are many helpful sites, including BlackBerry Help sites for general or specific information eg and  and on YouTube, as well as many blog sites and @BlackBerryHelp on Twitter which have many resources to help.

Enjoy your new BlackBerry!  🙂

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Instagram is working on my BlackBerry Z10

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Great tip from Andrew! If your Instagram has stopped working and you didn’t link it to Facebook in the first place, try this to get it back.


The way I did it was I logged into Instagram from an ipad or iphone or any Android device. Then, I linked the account to my Facebook account. The way I did that is click the icon on the right lower corner of the iOS/Android device then click the gear to go into Settings. Next click Share Settings and then choose Facebook. You may see a pop up asking you for Allow Access.
*** Just make sure that the device was already logged in to the Facebook account.

After that I did the reset process with face book  and it let me reset it.

Now here is the article from CrackBerry Click Here with steps of to get Instagram on the BB10. Now if it doesn’t work do what I did (read the beginning) .


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Z10 keyboard–amazingly accurate!

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The largest part of my reluctance to use a touchscreen was a previous bad experience with one (iPhone 4) and a great experience with my BB Bold 9900.  Several people assured me that I’d love the Z10 keyboard. These people (who had a Dev Alpha prototypes) ranged from experienced touchscreen users to those who strongly preferred the physical QWERTY keyboard.  They told me that the predictive text was the saving grace of the Z10.


(Image courtesy of

After about a week of use, I found the Z10 keyboard familiar, like an old friend.    Below you can see what happens when you type so fast you forget the spaces.  The Z10 simply suggests the correct spacing.  It does not do it for you–you are in control at all times.  I like that!


(Image courtesy of

Please follow the link below for the complete article written by myself for

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Sideloading–a first attempt.

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I have always resisted sideloading for three reasons: 1) I like to support developers who make native apps for BB10; 2) I also like to support those who port over their current Android or other OS apps; and 3) it looked like a daunting exercise and I didn’t want to brick my brand new BlackBerry Z10. However, when I read that both Instagram and Dropbox were available to sideload, I decided to take the plunge. A note, however–I actually don’t use Instagram but do use Dropbox. I decided to sideload Instagram as an exercise since 1) it is a “desirable” app that many people use, and 2) to show doubters that it was possible, easy to get and it worked.
So – – how to start? I followed links to two websites with directions on how to sideload. You may find one easier to follow than the other but for me, the one on CrackBerry was the clearest (the above link is for PC, the link for Mac is
Ok, so the directions were easy but…where do I get the apps? I tried Google Play but as I had no Android device that was not an option.
Plus, unaltered Android apps will not work – they do have to be made into .Bar files to work on either BB10 devices or the PlayBook. As I am not a programmer, this was not an option for me. Fortunately, I was pointed to the site whose writers/programmers have done the hard work for me. Thanks, people!  They have two sections: one for new PlayBook and BB10 apps and an older one.  I found the .Bar file for Instagram on the new apps page .  I found the .Bar file for Dropbox in the older section .   It took a while to search through all the apps to find some I really wanted to sideload.  I found several, but decided to only try the two in case something went wrong.  (Bricking my Z10 is not my idea of a good time!)
Now to get to work.  I first installed Java Runtime Environment and the DDPB (Dauden PlayBook) installer (Make sure you have the latest version–at this time it is 1.0.9.  The earlier one doesn’t work.  You can get the current one directly from if you prefer.)  Then went to the GoodeReader site for the apps.  Once they were all downloaded to my computer, I ran DDPB and installed the two apps. When it indicated 100%,  I was very happy.  🙂
Dropbox loaded correctly and I was easily able to access my Dropbox account and files.  However, there was an issue with Instagram.  As posted in forums, there is actually no way to register for Instagram unless you actually have an iOS or Android device of some kind.  Now that was a problem as I wanted to complete everything using only my computer and my Z10 (and did not want to give up and resurrect my old iPhone 4 just for this).  (If you already have an Instagram account, obviously this step is unncessary.)  Luckily, I searched ‘how to sign up for Instagram using a PC’ and got a solution–someone had actually thought of this and posted a link and instructions on how to get your computer to think it was an Android.  😀  I have not posted the link directly as I do not know the site I used so cannot recommend its safety.  You will see lots of options.  This portion is not for the technically challenged as the ability to troubleshoot may be necessary.
I downloaded a launcher (Blue Stacks in this case) which seemed to convert my computer into an Android, went to Google Play, signed in with my Google e-mail username and password, then opened the Instagram app from within Google Play.  It opened–sideways and huge on my 28″ TV (which doubles as my monitor screen).  That was very bizarre! Some of the registration screen was off the monitor but I managed to register for an Instagram account.  Trying to close it was a nightmare without the proper controls!  I finally had to restart my computer lol!
Now on my Z10, however, was a working Instagram.  I took a picture from within Instagram, applied some filters and posted it on Instagram’s website.  I then took a screen shot of my app grid with the Instagram and Dropbox apps on it as proof for the skeptics.
The only odd thing about the sideloaded apps is their response to swiping down from the top of the screen.  Normally, in a BB10 app, when you swipe down you get a small selection of choices depending on the app.  In the two sideloaded ones, swiping down from the top made the selection of choices appear at the bottom of the screen.  The good news is that apart from that, the apps behave like I expected them to on my Z10 such as minimizing just like BB10 or ported apps so they will run in Active Frames (whether they are truly active, it is difficult to tell without leaving them running for a while).
I was able to engage Dropbox to upload and save my pictures from my Z10, open them and send one to a friend in a text message (obviously no tie to BBM).  The same with Instagram.  I was able to take both pictures above with my Z10, process them and upload them both to Instagram and to a friend via text.
In conclusion, it was fun (and at times frustrating) but I’ll get rid of the sideloaded apps as soon as real BB10 ones come out.  Thanks to everyone who helpied with hints and directions, especially Ash.
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BlackBerry 10 Peek and Flow

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An introduction to the BlackBerry Z10, especially its core feature of the Hub, the Peek action and overall Flow.  It is a very intuitive device–easy and a pleasure to use.  Please follow the link below for the complete article written by myself for Decoding.  🙂

Swipe to the right to reveal the Hub where all messages are collected. If you don’t want to look at the message right away, just let it go leftward again and you are back to doing what you were doing before.

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The BlackBerry Z10’s Time Shift camera rocks!

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I have been using my Z10 for 3 weeks now and when showing it to others, they are blown away by the Time Shift feature on the camera.  For example, I was out with six friends in a rather dimly-lit restaurant.  We were taking pictures of each other, then the waitress offered to take one.  I handed her my Z10 and told her to tap the screen to take the picture.  She looked nervous but did so (she had never seen a Z10 before, it was clear).  When we looked at the picture, it was blurry as she had moved the camera while tapping it.  I told her not to worry, that it was a BlackBerry and could fix that.  🙂  My friends watched as I slid the bottom slider from left to right to find a time when she had held the phone still, then adjusted individually for the best smiles of my friends and, voila!  A beautiful picture of our evening to share.  The relatively low light was not a problem despite the fact that the flash does not go off during Time Shift photography, undoubtedly because of the multiple rapid exposures necessary for the Time Shift feature.


(Picture courtesy of

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Sync Outlook with your BlackBerry Z10.

Inside BlackBerry

Do you use Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2007 or 2003 to store your contacts and calendar on your computer and want to wirelessly synchronize these items with your BlackBerry Z10, but your email provider doesn’t support these features? If so, today I’d like to show you how to you can sync these items wirelessly between your BlackBerry Z10 and Outlook using and the Microsoft Outlook Connector.

We’ll use your existing Microsoft account or connect Outlook with your BlackBerry Z10 using the new service from Microsoft. The reason for doing this is simple as well; these accounts support wireless synchronization with your BlackBerry Z10. Since Outlook makes it easy to manage multiple accounts, you can enjoy the benefits of wireless synchronization with your email provider as well as wireless synchronization of your contacts and calendar.

Read more at the Inside BlackBerry Help Blog »

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My new BlackBerry Z10!

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First, I had to give up my beloved Bold 9900.  It was the best device I have ever used, and the gamut of my previous devices runs from a Samsung flip feature phone to a Kyocera 9100 (a rudimentary smartphone) to an iPhone 4.  I thought each device was great at the time but after some time with them there was always something lacking.  With my final device before the 9900, the iPhone, I disliked the touch keyboard and its annoying autocorrect until I had to turn it off, thus making numerous errors every time I texted so having to retype some words.  I also disliked the fact that I could not modify the device the way I wanted to as modifications were the perview of Apple.  As a person who regularly modifies my desktop computer (both hardware and software), I found this very annoying.  So when Bell kindly informed me that I was eligible for a hardware upgrade, I immediately went to the store and got a shiny new BlackBerry Bold 9900.  A friend had shown me her older Bold but the small keys were too small for my fingers.  I was very happy when I saw the 9900’s bigger keys, touch screen and overall size.


I knew, however that “the BlackBerry 10” as it was then called, was coming out in the near future but could not wait before getting the 9900.  It was love for a good 8 months.

Then January 30, 2013 and the launch of the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 devices.  I had seen the videos on BlackBerry’s YouTube page, followed developers on Twitter and Google+, even attended a BlackBerry consumer forum.  I wanted to try an all-touch device again.  As I wanted to buy the Z10 outright (since my contract was only 8 months old), I was very disappointed when I was told that retailers were not selling the Z10 outright for weeks after release.  I then decided to give my 9900 and the Bell plan to a family member and take on a new contract from Rogers as their salespeople seemed to know more and be more supportive (to me) of BlackBerry.

On February 4th, the day before release, I went into the Rogers store near work an hour before closing–plenty of time, I thought, to order my Z10 in white and be able to pick it up the next morning before work.  But by the time Bell could port the family member’s number from her old Wind account to my 9900, set up a dummy account for Rogers to then port my number to them, it was a few minutes to close.  The Rogers salesman reassured me that all would be finished that night, which was a great relief.  At 9:00 p.m. February 4th, all was set up for the morning.

February 5th–release day

I arrived at the Rogers store (luckily I work in the same mall) 20 minutes before opening.  There were already 5 people lined up and more joined us as it got closer to opening time.  When the store opened, our names were taken to be called in order.  I could see my salesman already sitting at a table with a Z10 box and papers.  I went over to him and we went through the final processing–or tried.  His computer kept crashing and he eventually took down all the information needed on paper.  What was supposed to be an easy in and out procedure ended up taking an hour.  That’s what happens when you go release day, I suppose.  😀


Z10 in its lovely box.  Very well crafted–I like the large blue “Z10” on the black box!


My Z10 booting up for the first time!


Installing software update.


Tutorial screen on gestures.


Screen showing minimizing apps.


Bold 9900 (left) and Z10 (right) ready for the device switch.

Now time to play!  No, no, no, no!  Time to be serious.  There were three devices involved in my Z10 purchase:  my daughter’s BlackBerry Curve 9360 (a beautiful device, she had just grown out of it–she also wanted a BlackBerry 10 device but is waiting for the Q10), my 9900 and the new Z10.  First, to switch devices from the OS 7.1 9900 (which used BB Desktop Manager) to the Z10 (which was incompatible with DM).  Hmmm.  Luckily, after fiddling around a bit, I found that I could use the Switch Devices on BlackBerry Link (the upgrade to BB Desktop Manager) to switch from the 9900 to the Z10.


BlackBerry 3FD6 (soon renamed for my computer “BlackBerry Z10”) hooked up to the computer and labelled…Drive Z!  😀


Initial set-up for syncing.  First, backed up the 9900 using Desktop Manager and used Device Switch to upload all files and data.  Then hooked up the Z10 and used BlackBerry Link to sync the 9900’s data to it.

All good.  At first.  Had a few hiccups during which I got the screen below.  It looked like my media files were not syncing as this same screen displayed for 10 minutes.  Not good!  I disconnected the Z10, pulled the battery and rebooted.  Then connected both devices at the same time and re-did the device switch, this time with only BlackBerry Link.  That time it worked!  All previous media files were safely on my Z10!


Now to set up my social networking accounts–Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, some of my e-mails.  (I decided not to set up one of them as it is my “garbage” e-mail–the one I give retailers when they want to send me coupons, etc.  Notably, it is the only one that gets spam–I don’t exactly need Viagra lol being a female!  But I digress.).

I checked my contact list and it was set up just like I’ve seen in the videos!  All known contact info eg phone, address, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and BBM (even some who I hadn’t known had BlackBerrys–who immediately got BBM requests) were all together in one group for each person.  If I had never had their info (eg Twitter contacts), it also respected their privacy and didn’t send me anything (eg e-mails) I didn’t have before.  The only new info it pulled in were people who were on LinkedIn.  I liked seeing all the information in one place–not wondering whether I had the info but just somewhere else and had to hunt for it.  If I was privy to their info, I had it gathered together in the contacts.  Great job, BlackBerry!  A very efficient use of my time.

Now to play and use all those awesome features I had only just seen in the videos!


My BlackBerry family!  Looking forward to the BB10 upgrade for my PlayBook!

More blogging later as I use my Z10.  I’m sure there will be hiccups along the road but it is an awesome device and I know that we will get along fine.  😉

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The new BlackBerry Z10 has launched! It feels great to hold and is even more awesome to use! Read the blog below for more info from DevBlog.

BlackBerry Developer Blog


This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the BlackBerry Z10 has taken the stage and we’re pleased to introduce it to you. It is a gorgeous device in black and white, and it’s designed to showcase the elegance of BlackBerry 10.

When introducing the BlackBerry Z10, Thorsten Heins said, “This is the most beautiful BlackBerry we have ever launched. I can’t wait for you to try it out. We knew a large beautiful display was important. This is the window into the BlackBerry 10 experience.”

I would definitely call this the best BlackBerry smartphone to date! The BlackBerry Z10 has a specially designed screen for precise touch input, so typing on the BlackBerry keyboard can be faster and more accurate. The BlackBerry Z10 screen uses the latest technology to ensure images are sharp, clear and incredibly vivid.

BlackBerry Z10 in white

The device and BlackBerry 10 software were designed together…

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Good intro to the essential BlackBerry 10 gestures!

Inside BlackBerry

In our recent blog post There’s No Button Like Home, we outlined how there will not be a home button on BlackBerry 10 devices. Without the home button, a gesture-based design will get you around the device. Since BlackBerry 10 is completely new, I grabbed BlackBerry 10 expert Jeff to give us a walkthrough of the basic (and most useful) gestures.

[ YouTube link for mobile viewing ]

There you have it – getting around BlackBerry 10 is easy and keeps you moving fluidly throughout your information, running apps and messages. Now when you head to the store to pick up your device after the launch event on January 30th, you can open the box and already be a pro.

Let us know what you think about the gestures in the comments below. Will you miss having navigation buttons?

Every BlackBerry 10 detail, update, and feature, as soon…

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